Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easter thoughts

Today I learned that my family tree traced back to the 1600s, to Pocohantas actually. I have read that she was a Christian, which I am too. I realized that the strong beliefs and interest in herbs, nutrition and healing don’t only date back to my ancestry, but maybe to a prayer for the next generations, hence…me.

I am drawn to healing, knowing that no man can create anything better than God! He gave us plants, vegetables and fruits for healing. He told us numerous times throughout the Bible. Why do we continuously believe that “man” can create anything better that Him? We can make “fake” oxytocin, the LOVE hormone, to speed up birth.

The intervention rate after synthetic oxytocin (Pitocin) is given is unbelievable in statistics-see Jennifer Blocks new book-PUSHED. You will not be able to put it down, but will be very disturbed by this read also. It describes the unreal crisis in modern maternity care. Our national rate of cesarean is 35%!!! can you believe it???

Where did we go wrong? Our own bodies, produce oxytocin, the LOVE hormone. The same hormone that gets produced from making love, having dinner with loved ones or being patted on the back when sad. This love hormone is produced (among others) and assists the uterus in contracting starting labor. It primes the lungs for breathing outside the womb. Since when do we feel it is “okay” to produce something that is considered comparible with Gods LOVE hormone? C-section babies are not squeezed through the birth canal, hence…suctioning and intubation is usually required. This also requires being separted from the mama. Naturally born babies cause mamas to produce hormones to start the rev of the breastfeeding hormone, primes the lungs and starts the bonding process. Without that hormone, if a fake one is given, causes extreme forced contractions that are inhumane and detrimental to the “proper” start in life.

Unless these interventions are absolutely necessary, why are they being used???? Let’s trust birth, as birth trusts us. It trusts us to form the baby, carry and nourish the baby and deliver the baby. It trusts us to eat right, exercise and be readily prepared for breastfeeding. What are those Breasts for anyway?!? So, research, read and get ready for birth.

Birth counts on us and trusts us…let’s not let it down!