Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am a little sad, broken spirit and down lately but I have lots to be thankful for. I was reminded to look around and see what the Lord has given to me. (That needs to be added to the previous blog-be thankful!). Look around! I have an amazing husband, beautiful healthy children, a home and a loving family.

The passion flower in my flower garden has broken through the earth today, reminding me to break out of this funk and listen intently to my true calling. I need to be quiet to hear what the Lord is saying to me. (another note to add to the previous blog –be quiet and attentive, to hear what Lord has to say…)

I am not fulfilled at work and I am having trouble with a good friend. I have decided instead of sulking, to let my light shine on. I am hoping to gather ideas for a home based business and some mentoring from other WAHMs. Please comment with any ideas.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Have you ever noticed that happiness is contagious?? Yawning? What about Dreariness? When someone is laughing and you walk in the room, an indiscrete grin parts your lips. Laughter is contagious, too. These emotions (yes yawning is an emotion too) are things that can make or break your day. A few ways to safe guard your heart from being sad or down is:

- Start the day with prayer. Rise early and ask God for strength and joy.

- Smiles…remember that happiness is contagious too!! Someone might give you a little light in their smile, just when you need it-and vise versa-so put on your grin in the morning. It’s hard to have a frown when you’re smiling! 

- Try seeing the beauty in all things, even the mundane. It’s in there somewhere! Try finding it. Make it an adventure or a goal to see the loveliness in small things that don’t seem to matter, such as…hmmm…the fingerprints on the car windows from where the children have written their names on the fog and steam that collects and erases once the defroster is on. The prints are still there.
Those prints might prove that little “sweetie pie” HAS learned how to make the letter “S” you’ve been working on. It also is beautiful to know that each one of those fingerprints is unique. No other in this entire world, has those individual fingerprints-now that should make you smile!! (Some times we are glad that there aren’t two little “sweetie-pies” just alike, huh?)
What about the color of mud puddles? I contemplated this last week when we had a flood. I thought that it looked like a “chocolate” river. The mud puddles looked pretty also that color. I thought that the color of that chocolate brown would be nice if it were in a box of hair dye, or if it was the color of a pair corduroys.
Well, you get the idea, don’t you? Just try finding beauty in every creature and creation-God makes us all.

-Plans. Maybe we should stop trying to be so strict with plans. Some plans are nice to keep some order, I know, but how about if we not get so bent out of shape when they get changed a little, or totally don’t work out? It may be meant to be that our plans are not Gods plans. Maybe our plans are Gods plans. Our children decide when they are hungry and we may have to change plans to stop and feed them or change them (diapers or go potty). Their may even be bigger bumps in the road, huge dips and even road blocks in our life. Let’s try to not be so shaken up by them. Just go with the flow. Gracefully float over those bumps like butterflies or turn around and light another part of the earth like fireflies.

-Let things unfold…and try not to negatively react
Let little “sweetie pie” wear her brothers sweater because she “wants to”. She may feel pretty and protected by her brother’s sweater and not give two hoots whether or not it matches her pink polka dot pants.

If we tell her “no” to these impulses, her creativity may be stunted, her heart sad-and a sad heart is useless, as you know, I am trying to list things to help us have a less heavy or sad or down heart.

-SUNSHINE-get sunshine during the day. Let it shine on your face at least 10 minutes a day- but more more more if you can. Go outside on your breaks, sit by the window, and soak up that Vitamin D. Sunshine uplifts our spirits.

If you have more ideas to share, please put a comment on this blog. This list is actually for me, I’ve lost a little oomph in my heart lately and I am trying to overcome it. I thought that others could possibly benefit too! Please share your thoughts to add to the list…


Saturday, April 26, 2008


I have a family member that is anti-chiropractor. I am giving just 2 examples where nothing else but chiropractic care would have healed my children. (and they haven't been to an MD since)

1st-My oldest son Izayah, when at age 5, lost his hearing. I went to MD after MD, specialist after specialist, only to be told that a) he needed tubes in his ears (no way man!), b) he needed a bone removed from his ear (what bone???) c) he had permanent damage and his father and I would need to learn sign language and deal with him being deaf. (we did buy a book to learn sign language but I still didn't believe it wasn't curable)

So, after much begging from my mama, I took him to my Chiropractor. He nonchalantly said, "Get him off of cow's milk, no sugar and wheat (for a while)" He gave him a few adjustments and in 2 weeks my son had 72% of his hearing back.
Why get him off the milk? Well, he had yeast building in his eustacian tube (the area between the mouth, ears and nose). The milk, sugar and yeast was feeding the yeast in his eustacian tube and causing an impaction. The adjustment gave a little "tilt" so it could drain properly.

He was healed by diet change alone and he is now 13. He has 98% of his hearing back and (of course) no permanent damage.

What bone were they going to remove anyway?
No chemical medicine, no tubes, no permanent damage, no bone removed!!!

My heart goes out to the children out there that may have had such a simple thing wrong with them, that have undergone major surgery or suffered with hearing loss.

My son Zarian a few weeks ago starting urinating frequently. Like VERY frequently! Every few minutes. He was getting dark circles under his eyes and looking very tired.

I took him to my Chiropractor and on his second visit, he said "I know what is wrong with Zarian". "Where does he sleep?" I said "With me". He said, "what is plugged up by your bed?" I told him that at the foot of my bed is my alarm clock and cell phone charger. He told me to remove them from the room and Zarian would get better. My chiro uses Applied Kinesiology for muscle testing and Zarian showed obvious signs of electricity absorption. His liver was "hot" and gave me some foods that are healing to the liver. Heal the liver, remove the electricity and the kidneys would fall in line.

Don't believe me yet? Well, three days of no electricity while sleeping, ALL TVs turned off and he was back to urinating regularly and his dark circles were gone!!
Apparently, him being so little while SO much electricity permeating into him while sleeping (8+ hours), was adversely affecting him tremendously. Remove the cause, heal the root of the problem and symptoms disappear! How about that?

Do I know what an MD would have done to my little angel had I taken him for his frequent urination?
Yes, I know that they would have put him through the ringer with aggressive testing, Xrays etc...and they would have put me through the ringer for not ever taking to an MD before now. He would have ultimately been put on an extreme amount of poison, diagnosed with some strange illness that cannot be explained and a donation cup would be sitting at the local gas station for pennies to help me pay for all his extremely high medical bills. He still would be urinating every 5 minutes and the electricity that was affecting him would still be plugged in at the bottom of our bed-the problem still being simply "the problem" and Zarian simply being wasted away.

I am thankful that my Chiro has been taught and is still learning this non-agressive way of healing. I am thankful that the Lord showed us exactly what was happening.

To further prove this to the non-believers of holistic healing: Zarian had a relapse and starting urinating frequently again a few weeks later. I started cranking my brain, trying to figure it out. My husband pointed out that we had recently gotten satellite hooked up and he was watching WAY to much TV, hence...more electricity going into him.
We had the satellite turned off, Zarian stopped urinating frequently and is the healthy boy he once was.

Note-I was wondering how I would get up without an alarm clock, worried about being late for work and I asked my chiropractor how will I get up on time with no alarm clock? He told me that I could try drinking enough water, the proper amount of water, and I WOULD get up. (to go to the bathroom -smile)

Monday, April 21, 2008




I saw the most wonderful sight Friday afternoon, as I was driving home from work. I really was in a foul mood, talking about lay-offs and gas prices before I left work. I was feeling rather low and debating my choice of wine with myself while on the way to the grocery store. I had to slow down, while waiting for a bus to let children off and low and behold I saw the most awesome sight...

A man, probably a grandparent as he seemed to be an "older" gentleman, with a baby strapped to his back, solemnly standing under an apple tree in his yard.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a mirror. Probably a hand mirror, one that would be used for giving a quick glimpse in the mirror by a teen doing up her hair for a lovely date.

He pulled this mirror out of his pocket and took at peek at the infant strapped to his back. He seemed satisfied at the image he saw of the sleeping babe, probably around 3-5 months old.
He continued to admire her beauty. He grew a smile on his face, knowing all was well with her. He seemed so content, almost honored, to have accomplished the goal of putting this little beauty to sleep while walking around the yard, smelling the apple blossoms.

He did not know that I saw him, and I wish so much that he did. I wanted to give him the 'THUMBS UP"!! I wanted to have my camera handy for that picture.

Baby, content on poppy's back, snuggled like a bug with sweet Spring aromas all around while Poppy, so proud and admirable, of his fresh little grand babe, sleeping on his back.

I wonder how long he let her sleep. I wonder at how he may have went inside, showed the others of his accomplishment, or maybe he didn't. Maybe he kept walking, letting the aromas fill her dreams. Maybe he knew, somehow, that this little miracle needed to rest, and he kept on moving, letting her sleep, letting her feel his beating heart and movement. Maybe he let her feel the sun shine on her face.
I will never know. What I do know is that he taught me a lesson. It really doesn't matter what happened after he pulled out his mirror. He was in awe of this beautiful presence strapped snuggly to his back, smelling the aromas, feeling the sun on her face, asleep against grandpa.
She didn't care about the gas prices, or the economy crashing around her. She was content with the love and comfort she felt. Enough to fall asleep.
I slowed down. I was reminded instantly of what life is really all about.
Isn't that enough for us to know?


Refuse to be a Womb Pod is introducing a "BIRTH FREEDOM ADVOCACY PROJECT". It is mainly a CESAREAN AWARENESS PROJECT that educates and advocates for our mother's rights and babies rights. She is seeking photos of women holding two fingers up, meaning:
1-peace sign, peace, peaceful beginning for the babe, peaceful birth and empowerment, unhindered with intervention, empowering peaceful birth
2-(from the poem Paul Revere-1 if by land, 2 if by sea) this represents "1 if by fear, 2 if by free" meaning that we choose number 2
3-V-meaning vaginal birth
4-V-meaning VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SEND ME THESE PEACE PHOTOS and I will forward to Refuse to be a Womb Pod.

Please help spread the NECESSITY AND HOPE for birth freedom.

We, as Americans, have given up our rights any many ways, including birth. It's time to take them back. Birth truth equals birth trust.

We trust our bodies to start, grow and nourish our babies; let's also let our bodies birth our babies without fear.


Sunday, April 20, 2008


I told my son Zarian that "the clock says 7:03 and when it says 7:05 we will go take our baths".

He stood there, with his big brown eyes, looking from the left and then to the right and back again as if he is contemplating something. Then, he innocently says, "I don't hear the clock saying anything?"

I thought, well he is

For those of you that don't really know my little fellow, he is sooo literal. Everything he listens to and says is exactly how it sounds. Wow, I "literally" love this little boy!!

Sometimes I wish I could be so clear cut in the way that he is.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Well, I guess from all of the questions that I have recieved regarding the word doula, I need to explain. I am very happy to do so. I am a doula. I am Co-Director of a doula Co-op.


That is my definition, one that I strive to protect.

The word doula is a Greek word, meaning "woman servant" but I love to say that it means "Mothering the mother" Mothering the mother, so that she may mother the baby, and the baby will mother our world.

For one reason or another, and it is not my place to determine why- mothers, partners and caregivers are increasingly unavailable...hence, the doula is needed.

I believe a doula could be a friend, a mama's own mother, a neighbor, a lover or a hired companion.

Doulas are neither male nor female.

Doulas are a support system, maybe striving to be supported themselves, to achieve the same goal. Goals that come to mind are listed as: time to give of themselves as they are needed to the new baby, their families, their world. Creating a space, away from the everyday busy life, to heal, nurture, nurse and fall in love with the new creation/baby/life.
I could list statistics but I don't want to. I have a hard time believing them in comparison to stastitics listed about birth interventions, so I will not ask you to believe doula statistics. I will however say that research shows that there is less intervention, less c-sections and a greater number of empowering births if a birth doula is hired. Less child abuse, less postpartum depression, greater breastfeeding success and greater bonding if a postpartum doula is hired.
So, with that being said, I am striving to be valued doula. I am trained, I have the ambition. I strive to give enough information for my clients to make informed decisions regarding their birth and postpartum care and care of the newborn, while all the while they can't or won't listen to anyone else but the medical establishment, who has the monopoly on their care in a hospital birth, and seemingly darken my concerns. I will not be swayed. I know that the cesarean rate is growing daily, without pathological reasoning. I will continue to teach, to advocate, to learn about the growing crisis in maternalbaby medical intervention.

I am learning to be more fluid, less vocal and more complient but that really doesn't sit well with me. Silence hurts.
A doula not only creates a bridge between what could be and reality, but strives to warn the birthing and postpartum women that a bridge isn't necessary if proper education is being sought.

A doula commits herself to creating a sacred birth space, no matter where the birth is taking place. She/he is a shield for the mother to stand behind, to cower behind if need be, against a belief that is taking over our communities- that birth is a medical emergency. Truth needs to be in the room. Birth Truth. It is a doulas goal, in my opinion, to differentiate between the blind truth to the inherent truth. She/he needs to be able to convey the inherent truth to her client. Protect her client. Protect her sister, daughter, friend, cousin, stranger and client.

Give the client/mother many options to choose from. Let them make an informed decision. Stand firm before them with protection, letting them know that the opposite of fear is faith. Faith that they can grow a baby, push a baby from the womb, make decisions on their own regarding their health and the health and well being of their children. Allow them the space to voice their own concerns, their own rights, their babies rights.

It is incredibly hard to be a doula. A hardness that sometimes weakens when their own experiences from childhood, childbirth and mothering flash before their eyes. No matter what, a doula strives to realize that their own personal choices and decisions and paths are not what matters in the clients life. It is extremely hard to put aside our own beliefs and decision making strategies.

A doula uses their doula "magic" in their own life, their own family and seeks to create a peaceful, loving environment for all.
A doula supports, educates, sometimes voices their opinions, loves, bonds and artfully creates.
She/he may not know it, but this nurturing has been around since the beginning of time. Families, neighbors, friends and tribes have been giving healing teas, protecting, preparing nurturing foods, protecting the new mother/baby and telling stories of passed experiences since the beginning of time. What more is needed in the doula role?

My personal goal, as a postpartum doula (and soon to be birth doula) is to be advised of a hospital birth or home birth, goes to the place of birth and establishes breastfeeding, acknowledges the new mama and baby and gives praise and appreciation. Repeat a visit around 3 days postpartum to answer questions/find answers to problems that have arised, and explain how important the new mama is to the baby and how needed the baby is to fullfill it's purpose. Then revisit to again praise the new mama and baby with respect and be watchful of postpartum depression, go over questions and educate on infant and mama care, to the best of the doulas ability. All the while, be on call for questions and concerns, 24 hours per day. At each of these visits, my goal is to allow time to bond, heal and appreciate the bonding with the new baby and siblings. Be another support role model, not to replace the existing support but be an addition to (mama's own mother or partner or friend) and be valued as a caring, loving and educated human being. All the while, I want this service from doulas to be FREE of charge to the birthing families.
I pray for grants. Any suggestions are appreciated.
More doulas are needed in this world. Mothers and babies depend on their sacrifice and love.


Today I learned a valuable lesson while comparing weeds to birth. Just as a weed has to push forth, through all of the winter "insulation" of straw and leaves, so does a mother push, through the insulation of the womb, (vigorously) her baby out to see the world, just as a weed in the garden.
I learned this lesson today as my 5 year old son, Zarian, said to me "Mama, that beautiful flower has leaves ALL over it. Move those leaves, Mama, so it can see us!!!" WOW! I was awe-struck.

I pictured, in his little view, this powerful force, with no help from anyone, pushing through the leaves and old mulch and straw to get a glimpse of the sun. I reflected on how a baby pushes forth, through layers of difficulty, to see the sun. To see his mama's eyes. To see the light, his world.

I remember the look in all of my boy's eyes the moment they were born. "So, this is you mama, whose voice I've heard for many months, who's face I longed to see when the time was right, please show me this world, protect me, let me nurse and hear your beating heart" is what I saw in their eyes. I saw wisdom beyond words. I saw a valuable life, a life with a purpose. A life that I just met, yet could not live without.
I saw the dandelion weed, so desparately reaching

While all the while, that troublesome "weed" is sooo valuable to our health. That Dandelion root and leaves are great healers in many ways. Valuable to our health by drinking it's boiled root, eating its leaves in salad and bringing us sunshine in it's flower.

Just as a new soul pushed forth, emerging gently and powerfully in it's own time into our crazy world, so does the weed in our garden, our flowerbeds and our walkways. They both push with determination and struggle and strive to see the light of our world, in their own time, their own space.

I wonder how the weeds determine it is the right time to turn green, with purpose, and bust through the earth? How does a baby know when it is fully "cooked" and strive to leave it's warm, safe place in our wombs? Why do we intervene and try to tell these wise creatures when they are ready? Only they know, touched by God, when it is truly time to break free from it's temporary comforting environment.

Weeds and babies, developing, growing and pushing forth, are similar. Is that a coincidence?
At the time of a birth, no one knows the importance of this new soul. In Spring, no one REALLY understands the reasons for these bothersome weeds. We do learn, of course, over time how healing, how significant, how lovely both creatures are to our world, lives and health.

I can't imagine living without or questioning my sons' births.
Do we need to question their energy?

Do Dandelions have no purpose for existence? I think not. After learning the antioxident affects and healing powers and vitamin and mineral content, taught to me by my mother when I was a small child, I am realizing that the very existence of a mother's power to grow and nourish a baby in the womb, with minerals and vitamins and healing are very similar.

I declare to not take either for granted.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Hello! I am new to the blogging world but I feel the need to start out by telling you that our modern maternity care is in a crisis. So…I am having trouble dealing with people jumping off the edge of a cliff and I am supposed to be there to tell them that I will help support them while they heal. Instead, I believe that I should tell them that the cliff lies up ahead and to make sure that jumping is what they really want to do and to help them understand that with jumping, they may not make it and if they do, there will be lots of pain to overcome. Then have them make the choice.
This is what happens, in my thoughts, to people who blindly go into labor and put the birth in another’s hands. We should all know the consequences of giving up our rights while giving birth. We need to know the pros and cons of each intervention, before it is our time to decide, so that we may make informed decisions.

Birth Junkie

I am a birth junkie. I thought that I was fulfilled while reading birth stories while pregnant, planning a home birth. I was wrong. I cannot stop reading birth stories, causing me to become an aspiring midwife. Thoughts flow through my head. I have decided to share them. My hopes are that the reader finds empowerment from them.

Easter thoughts

Today I learned that my family tree traced back to the 1600s, to Pocohantas actually. I have read that she was a Christian, which I am too. I realized that the strong beliefs and interest in herbs, nutrition and healing don’t only date back to my ancestry, but maybe to a prayer for the next generations, hence…me.

I am drawn to healing, knowing that no man can create anything better than God! He gave us plants, vegetables and fruits for healing. He told us numerous times throughout the Bible. Why do we continuously believe that “man” can create anything better that Him? We can make “fake” oxytocin, the LOVE hormone, to speed up birth.

The intervention rate after synthetic oxytocin (Pitocin) is given is unbelievable in statistics-see Jennifer Blocks new book-PUSHED. You will not be able to put it down, but will be very disturbed by this read also. It describes the unreal crisis in modern maternity care. Our national rate of cesarean is 35%!!! can you believe it???

Where did we go wrong? Our own bodies, produce oxytocin, the LOVE hormone. The same hormone that gets produced from making love, having dinner with loved ones or being patted on the back when sad. This love hormone is produced (among others) and assists the uterus in contracting starting labor. It primes the lungs for breathing outside the womb. Since when do we feel it is “okay” to produce something that is considered comparible with Gods LOVE hormone? C-section babies are not squeezed through the birth canal, hence…suctioning and intubation is usually required. This also requires being separted from the mama. Naturally born babies cause mamas to produce hormones to start the rev of the breastfeeding hormone, primes the lungs and starts the bonding process. Without that hormone, if a fake one is given, causes extreme forced contractions that are inhumane and detrimental to the “proper” start in life.

Unless these interventions are absolutely necessary, why are they being used???? Let’s trust birth, as birth trusts us. It trusts us to form the baby, carry and nourish the baby and deliver the baby. It trusts us to eat right, exercise and be readily prepared for breastfeeding. What are those Breasts for anyway?!? So, research, read and get ready for birth.

Birth counts on us and trusts us…let’s not let it down!